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Learn the basics of safety during NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS MONTH

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) — held annually in October — is a collaborative effort between government, industry and organizations of all sizes to help you — and everyone — stay safer and more secure online.

Throughout October, NorthStar will be providing FREE educational emails, posters, newsletters and webinars to help you and your staff become more secure at home and at the workplace.

Awareness Training Schedule

October 4 “Securing You Home Network” (Newsletter)

October 5 “Creating a Cyber Secure Home” (Poster)

October 6 “Securing Your Kids” (Webinar – requires registration)

October 7 “RSA Conference on Children and the Internet (Video)

October 11 “CEO Fraud” (Newsletter)

October 12 “You are a Target” (Poster)

October 13 “Targeted Attacks” (Video)

October 14 “Tip of the Day” (Email)

October 18 “Ransomware” (Newsletter)

October 19 “Cyber Liability Insurance” (Webinar – requires registration)

October 20 “2 Step Authentication” (Video)

October 21 “Email Phishing – Don’t Get Hooked” (Poster)

October 25 “The Internet of Things” (Newsletter)

October 26 “Dealing with Smart Technologies” (Blog)

October 27 “Mobile Device Checkup” (Email)

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