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Welcome to our new website!

Building new websites is always a huge undertaking. Besides the design and content, you need to consider your SEO, embedded forms and making sure it all loads perfectly on phones, tablets and desktops/laptops.  This process is honestly exhausting.  Why do it?

I think our last website has been around for 5 years.  That’s an eternity on the internet and frankly, it was showing its age.   What are some things we learned during this process?

1.  Understand your real message.  For us, it was to communicate our common purpose.  We want to help companies succeed.  The common purpose of creating business success needed to be out front.

2. Figure out your target audience.  This is complicated for business.  Naturally, business owners, CFOs, IT pros, etc all can benefit from our services, but how do you create a message that resonates with everyone?  If you know, please let me know!

3. Design!  The visual appeal, pictures, colors, etc all contribute to the experience.  We spent alot of time looking at other companies pages and trying to pick things we wanted to incorporate.

4. Make it work on mobile.  We still struggle with a design that looks good on your laptop and your iPhone.  But, using tools like the Divi builder, makes it easy to see what every page looks like on laptop/desktop, tablet and phone.

5. Content.  Again, a tough one.  This first round design gets us 80% there, but many people want to continue to drive down into more and more detail.  We will continue to build that out in the weeks to come.  This includes providing easy call to action, download relevant content.





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