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The explosion of social media, portability (and affordability) of mobile devices, and an increasing number of platforms to consume and contribute reviews have propelled companies to the throne of a new marketing dynasty. Today, when looking for a prospect in Technology, make sure to have a greater knowledge than ever before — and always make sure the balance of power is in YOUR  favor.

With NorthStar Technology Group, owners of samll to large businesses can put security back  on the job to maximize profitability. NorthStar helps hundreds of companies delivering amazing experiences at every digital touchpoint. Don’t wait—ask us how we can protect your IT network from mobile security threats with complete mobile device security!


“When a business-connected mobile device is lost, there is more than an 80 percent chance an attempt will be made to breach corporate data
and/or networks.”
– The Symantec Smartphone Honey Stick Project



In the modern work/life world, more and more employees are utilizing a variety of mobile technology to conduct business. Using a combination of laptops, tablets and smartphones, business can now be conducted from virtually anywhere, helping to create a better work/life balance.
However, one question remains … is one type of hardware better than another? The benefits of tablets such as the iPad® are great, with many functions performed more efficiently than on a laptop. Combined with the lower cost, it’s easy to see why many businesses are questioning if they should replace their employees’ laptops with tablets.
While each new tablet release provides more functionality and features than its predecessors and thus, users find themselves relying on their PCs less and less, there are many instances where a tablet just cannot replace the functionality of a PC. There are other instances where the use of a mobile device is able to extend the usability of a PC, enabling employees to get out of the office and find a better work/life balance, while staying connected.

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