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We are less than 3 days away from the second annual Midwest Mobile Summit in Fargo, ND. As a leader in cloud platform development sponsoring a mobile device conference, NorthStar firmly believes that the cloud and mobile are not two things, but one. The cloud was built to support mobility and without the cloud, mobile devices are far less useful. A mobile device without the cloud is like a HD flat screen TV without a source for programming…pretty boring.

Benefits to Using the Cloud
The cloud allows the mobile user the ability to connect to the things and people that are important to them. Business services like email, data and applications or personal services like social networking, personal web surfing or even storage for family pictures all are pushing the intersection between mobile devices and the cloud. People don’t want to wait to use other devices like desktop or laptop computers to access or produce this content. It needs to be real time at the point of experience.

Is Your Business Prepared?
With this increasing demand, companies are struggling to understand the skills required to manage the information moving to the cloud and the increasing numbers of mobile devices accessing it. Knowledge of traditional computer networking concepts combined with cloud and mobile technology has required a well-blended skill set to become the norm, rather than a differentiator.

On top of this, compliance regulations surrounding security and privacy have made it difficult for even larger organizations to recognize and develop this talent. For the small to medium business, it becomes nearly impossible to find this experience in one person. This evolving environment has created an explosion in managed service provider and managed cloud providers to fill a huge niche by providing a team based approach to solving the staff and skill problems created by this cloud and mobile intersection. Is your organization ready for this transition?

Read more about cloud computing management to learn what solutions your business might need to be ready, and follow the mobile discussion from Midwest Mobile Summit with the hashtag #mwms14.

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