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Have you ever sat in front of an ATM trying to remember your pin?  The same pin you have had for 8 years? Ok maybe it is just me but I bet you have forgotten a password here and there if not multiple times TODAY! So what do we do to try to simplify our life?  We simplify our passwords, wrong answer!

So how do you come up with a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for a hacker’s computer to figure out?  Here is a technique but first the Don’ts:


  1. Use Real words
  2. Use the same password more than once
  3. Keep your passwords the same for over 90 days
  4. Store your passwords on paper or use this product

Now, here is a method to help you both remember your passwords and keep them unique.

Come up with a goofy sentence like “In the morning I eat fish with dried toast.”  Use the last letter of each word and pick certain words to capitalize like the last letter of the nouns, for example – negitHhdT  If you want to add a number or symbol (highly recommended) You can look at the website or product name you are logging into… Say Google, and pick the third letter, for example, “o”.  Look at your keyboard, what is above the o on your keyboard?  “9” Put your “9” in the ninth spot of your password – negitHhdT9 and presto you have a password that is way better than “cats01”

Another way to keep your life simple and protected is to sign up for a password manager that keeps track of all your passwords, changes them, and automatically logs you into sites when you visit.  These save a bunch of time and frustration.  Check these out:




Your business should have a password policy.  Contact us if you would like help creating and monitoring your corporate passwords.

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