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Government and Business Assistance

Home Worker Business Continuity Checklist (.xlsx) – This is the sub set standard we use to evaluate our customer’s homeworker business continuity health.

Covid 19 – Stay Connected and Productive When Working Remotely – Work smart while being at home.

Covid 19 – How Businesses Can Securely Work From Home – Don’t let security lapse when moving employees home

COVID Relief Resource Excel Spreadsheet – A huge list of available financial resources.

Facebook – Small Business Grant Program – $100 Million in cash grants and ad credit.

ND United Way – The Missouri Slope Areawide United Way has launched a Pandemic Relief Fund. The nonprofit said the fund aims to “support our community’s unsheltered residents who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, and low-income individuals, students and families at imminent risk of hunger and homelessness due to health and economic impacts of coronavirus.” The fund will:

1. Provide assistance to ensure vulnerable populations have access to food (to include weekend hunger for students, elderly meal deliveries to their homes, food distribution sites in high-poverty neighborhoods).
2. Support the response to protect unsheltered and most vulnerable residents through this crisis.
3. Support to agencies who provide emergency assistance to individuals and families affected by this crisis, through targeted investments where jobs and wage reductions are disproportionately impacted.
4. Provide additional support to our non-profit partners, in alignment with our mission to break the cycle of poverty, that experience a decline in giving due to the pandemic & its impact on the economy & giving cycles. People can get more information or donate at:

Bank of ND – Bank of North Dakota (BND) shared its student loan relief plans to assist borrowers impacted by COVID-19 with the Industrial Commission today. Effective immediately, borrowers may request to defer payments for six months. The interest rate for variable rate borrowers decreases April 1, 2020, so BND will reduce payments to reflect the new interest rate. In addition, all borrowers with a fixed interest rate will receive a decrease in their interest rates by at least 1 percent when the Bank is able to work through technical issues.

`Microsoft – FREE 6 Month Trial Office365 E1

Microsoft – FREE Microsoft Teams License 6 months

Brainstorm QuickHelp for Microsoft Software – 45 day free trial for our Training and adoption platform for all things Microsoft!  Oh, and your custom training content.


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