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NorthStar Technology Group Acquires Leading IT service provider

Sphinx Cybersecurity


“Helping to protect our customer’s information and reputations is one of the pillars of NorthStar Technology Group’s strategy, and we’re committed to continually improving and expanding our solutions.”
Amber Smith

Communications Manager, NorthStar Technology Group, Inc.

FARGO, ND – NorthStar Technology Group, an independently owned technology managed services company focused on helping small and medium sized businessses create success by developing FAST, SECURE and always AVAILABLE technology, today announced its acqusition of Sphinx Cybersecurity, an independent information technology firm servicing Michigan.

Sphinx employees will join the NorthStar Technology Group team.  Their information security expertise will help to further strengthen the end-to-end capabilities of the NorthStar Technology Group platform and enable NorthStar Technology Group’s customers to better serve their customers.  NorthStar will be working with their customers to transition to the NorthStar Technology Group managed services and security platform providing a more expansive offering.

AJ Gaetano

AJ Gaetano

Network System Engineer

AJ Gaetano believes in helping people understand technology and takes great pride in simplifying the process for people so they can be more efficient and effective at their jobs. He looks forward to being a part of the Northstar Technology Group team and providing excellent service to our clients.